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Back Stretcher Pro

AMAZING POSTURE CORRECTION: Poor posture can lead to conditions such as neck or shoulder pain, backache, osteoporosis, spine kyphosis, sagging shoulders and slack. The BACK STRETCHER PRO can exercise your body, correct the bad habits of the past, and give you the same tall and straight posture as the military.

HEALTH AND IMPROVEMENT OF YOUR POSTURE:It is very important to straighten your back. Do not let bad habits affect the deformation of the spine, so that pulling the ligament in front of the chest affects the respiratory function. The BACK STRETCHER PRO can be worn for 2 hours a day, which can correct the spine to the correct curve of 63 degrees and restore the golden angle of the human body.

EFFECTIVE AND COMFORTABLE:ErgonomIc 8-shaped lifting design, good fixing effect, not easy to shift, use light, soft, porous ventilation material to keep the skin comfortable. When you go out in a straight posture, you will look confident, healthy and look younger.

HIGHLY FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE:Any effective shoulder strap and open shoulder strap design, flexible position adjustment, adapt to different body types, high elasticity, uniform force. Soft and thin, you can wear it inside, put on your shirt and shirt, and always maintain a straight figure.

GIFTS FOR OURSELVES:Our products are rigorously tested and loving, because we believe you deserve the best. 

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