3 Simple Solutions for Chronic Back Pain

Suffering from chronic back pain can turn your life’s simplest tasks into a real challenge every day.

This does not only stand in your way of pursuing a normal day-to-day life, but it is also frustrating and takes away all your energy.

Nevertheless, we believe it is important to remind yourself of the prevalence of chronic back pain.

This health condition is among the most common, and the bad news is that it only keeps increasing.

More and more people are spending their days sitting, which largely contributes to the prevalence of chronic back pain.

Having this chronic condition is not the end of the world.

In other words, you must not allow your back pain to dictate your life or take life’s joys away from you. Instead, you should constantly look for ways to live your life to the fullest, despite the pain.

Of course, by saying this, we are not encouraging you to completely neglect this health condition.

We are rather emphasising the importance of searching for solutions to adapt to the situation.

To do so, here are 3 simple solutions you can try to overcome your chronic back pain, or at least reduce it so it no longer prevents you from leading a normal life:

  1. Apply Ergonomics Rules:

You are probably sitting now with your chin pointing out, your shoulders tight and your body hunching over your monitor.

If this is how you spend the majority of your day, then we are sorry to tell you the back pain won’t go away that easily.

This is due to the simple reason that all the unease your body is experiencing right now will be manifested later in exhaustion and pain all over your body, and in particularly your spine and back.

For this reason, it is crucial to stay aware of your body posture throughout the day, even on the times you enjoy the comfort of slouching, get back up and stand or sit straight.

Developing a good body posture largely contributes to enhancing your overall health and reducing chronic back pain.

In this context, applying and respecting simple ergonomics rules can make a huge difference.

Especially in your work experience and how you will be feeling by the end of the day.

Ergonomics do not only boost your productivity throughout the day.

It will also improve the quality of the work you are delivering, reducing your risks of making errors or getting lazy and easily distracted.

In addition to that, and most importantly, following ergonomics rules such as keeping your monitor on your eye level.

This makes your keyword and mouse easily within reach, and ensuring your thighs are in parallel with your desk, will allow you to maintain a healthy body posture.

Thus, you will no longer need to hunch over your desk to feel completely focused on the work at hand.

And by the end of the day, you will notice how there is just too little to no pain on your back and spine, unlike the other days where you could barely sleep at night because of it.

  1. Develop Core strength:

Even though the link between the two may not be that obvious to most people, this solution is not here by mistake.

You can greatly reduce your chronic back pain by building core strength.

This is because your muscle tissues work as a support to your spine, which allows an overall improved body posture.

In other words, you would feel less tired by the end of the day, and less likely to sit back or slouch at work.

However, in the case of weak core muscles for people who only exercise once in a blue moon, your chronic back pain will only keep going from bad to worse.

Research reports that it is because spinal bones and disks will be under more pressure to support your spine to compensate for the weakness of your core muscles.

Consequently, you would find yourself suffering from more pain on your back by the end of the day.

The good news is you do not need a fancy gym membership or a personal trainer to overcome this health issue and reduce your back pain.

Instead, you can simply start adopting small daily habits that can change your life for the best.

You could consider going for a walk every evening or performing a quick cardio workout before you head out for work.

What might seem as small as 30 minutes of physical activity each day can change your life for the best and improve your health in the short and long term.

  1. Learn to Relax:

There is a never-ending cycle of stress and pain that you should avoid at all costs or get yourself out of if you think you are already trapped in it.

It's that back pain can trigger stress, which leads to more stress, and consequently more back pain.

Despite how challenging breaking this cycle can be, it is not impossible.

In fact, it can be simpler than you would expect once you learn the right way to do it.

The ultimate solution to reduce your stress levels, and thus the severity of your back pain, is to engage in more relaxing activities.

Try doing some breathing exercises for 10 minutes before going to bed, or performing a small yoga session first thing in the morning.

Yoga will not only help you reduce your back pain, but it can bring many other benefits.

This also reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and enhancing weight loss, Harvard Medical School declares.

Reducing your chronic back pain and developing a healthier body posture can take time.

A lot of patience, and consistency is required for sticking with the habits we mentioned above.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, so take yours and start building a healthier lifestyle little by little.

With the help of the solutions we've suggested, as well as the support our Back Stretcher Pro can offer you.


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