5 Ergonomics Tips to Make Your Work from Home a success

We usually get the impression that remote work is one of the experiences that would make our life easier.

You would no longer need long hours of crowded commuting.

You wouldn’t have to dress up and can spend the whole day in your pajamas-unless you’re on a Zoom meeting.

If so, then please put on a proper top at least. You can still keep the sweatpants though.

That’s of course until you get a taste of working from home.

Then you will realize it is not as easy as it seems.

Even though we agree that working from home can come with many benefits, including those we listed above

It also has a dark side that is often unspoken of.

What most people miss to mention when describing their working from home experience is not only how distracting it is.

They don’t mention how exhausted they still get by the end of the day, and there back, neck and shoulder pain they have to cope with at night

Despite  the minimal physical efforts they had to make throughout the day, compared to their ordinary routine.


One of the main causes behind this issue is how you maintain your body position throughout the day.

The way you place each element of your desk set-up makes a tremendous difference in how you will be feeling by the end of the day.

So, stop neglecting the small details and check out the ergonomics hacks below to make your work from home experience a success:

Have a proper desk chair:

A proper office chair comes with many features that allow more flexibility, thus more comfort when performing your tasks.

From height adjustment to diverse multi-tilt functionalities, your desk chair will help you stay productive throughout the day, without having the slightest feeling of pain or discomfort.

However, having an appropriate desk chair at home is a luxury to most of you

Especially  when you were not envisioning working from home. In this case, investing in a good quality desk chair would be a wise decision.  

If by any chance, you cannot afford to get a good quality desk chair, you can still have a good set-up with some simple tricks.

First, let us start by agreeing on not working from your couch.

This leaves most of you with two options: the kitchen counter or the dining table.

Both could work great if you knew how to manipulate and where to place each element in your desk set-up.

Aside from keeping your screen slightly lower than your eye height, keeping your back supported, and avoiding hunching over your laptop.

There is a general rule to follow, whatever set-up you choose to have. It is the 20/20/20 rule.

This rule will help you avoid eye strain caused by prolonged hours in front of the laptop screen, by simply taking breaks every 20 minutes, and stare at any object 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds.

This small time interval is all your eyes need to rest

Reconsider your laptop choice:

We are all used to working on our laptops.

It is lightweight, easily portable, and allows the quickest access to our files and work

Whenever we are and whenever we want.

This choice comes particularly effective for people with a mobile daily life.

Now that most of us are staying home, it definitely pushed us to reflect on many of our choices.

Yes, the compact size of the laptop makes it easily portable, but for prolonged hours of work every day, you will start noticing the inconveniences as well.

The way laptops are designed makes it extremely challenging to keep a healthy body posture throughout the day.

When you try to make the screen slightly below your eye level, it would require leaning forward to be able to have a comfortable reach to your keyboard and mouse, thus sacrificing your healthy back posture.

When you try maintaining a good back posture, you would find yourself bending your neck to view the screen adequately.

What would be the solution to this dilemma? You basically have two options.

You can either use a laptop stand to elevate the screen, and add a mouse and a keyboard to your set-up for a comfortable reach,  

You can also add a monitor to your set-up for any tasks related to working from home.

Then, on the days you will be going to the coffee shop nearby to get some work done, you can still take your laptop with a light laptop stand, and the mouse and keyboard.

This way, you will be getting the best of both worlds without the need to purchase a whole computer set-up at home

Avoid using your phone:

Ergonomics Tips to Make Your Work from HomWe know how tempting it can be to check your phone during the breaks.

I will just have a quick look at the notifications and messages I received, then I will put it away’, you say to yourself, only to find that you have been endlessly scrolling for the last 30 minutes, with your neck bent on the phone between your hands.

 Bad Habits 

This bad habit does not only kill your performance and the productive pace you were following for hours, but it also leads to major pain in your neck, shoulders, and back for the rest of the day.

For these reasons, we highly recommend keeping your phone away from you when working, unless it is on plane mode and you are only using it to track the time you are spending on each task.

Working from home can surprisingly turn out to be one of the most challenging experiences you will ever face. Nevertheless, it will be a great opportunity to master many skills, especially when you are equipped with the right tools for the success of this journey.

While having an ergonomically good set-up can contribute greatly to the experience, you may still find yourself leaning forward on your desk, a negative habit that was built over the years.

This is why we recommend using the Back Stretcher Pro, whenever you are in front of your desk. Since it will be impossible to remind yourself of keeping a good posture throughout the day, the Body Stretcher Pro will take care of it, letting you focus on the work between your hands and increase your productivity comfortably.





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