5 Signs You Need a Back Stretcher ASAP!

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We have all seen items on the internet that made us wonder whether we really need them, or would they be just added to the pile of things we use once in a blue moon.

If a back stretcher was on your mind when you were reading that observation, then you are making the wrong judgment when it comes to having a back stretcher.

Let us start by clarifying that back stretchers are not a luxurious or useless item, but rather a necessity for people of different ages and careers.

Whatever it is you are doing in life or however you might be spending your day, you will certainly need to pay close attention to your body posture and keep it healthy through it all.

This specific mission can be challenging when there is a lot on your plate to get done.

For this reason, we believe everyone must get the right back stretcher to ensure they are protecting their health and enhancing it as they evolve in their careers and life, rather than sacrifice it along the way.

That being said, there might still be some worries in regards to how much you need a body stretcher. Is it a must-have immediately or something you can purchase later?

Check the signs below to judge!

  1. You Slouch:

Sitting or standing in a droopy way with your spine in the wrong position and your neck bent is one of the worst signs of bad posture.

The impact of this negative habit goes beyond making you tired quickly to that of causing chronic back pain in the long run. 

The tricky part about slouching when sitting or standing is how good it feels in that moment.

For a few minutes, you feel so good and relax that you end up finding it difficult to resist it or getting back to sitting or standing correctly.

You feel like all your muscles are at peace in the current slouchy position, while in fact, your body is getting damaged more than you can expect.

On the long run, slouching can cause the muscles on your back and neck to strain, and may even lead to increase the pressure on your nerves and blood vessels, thereby resulting in more health complications such as chronic back pain.

  1. Your Shoulders Are Tight:

It has surely happened to you before, and you are probably doing it now as you are reading this article.

You are too focused on the words in front of you, and the more you try to focus or get work done, the more the tension on your shoulders increases.

Take a deep breath and let go of any tension you are holding that is probably putting all its weight on your shoulders and neck.

It is a good thing that you are concentrated.

But what is even great is doing so without hurting your body.

When you keep high levels of tension on your shoulders, neck, and all muscles throughout the day, you will end up suffering from back pain sooner than you think.

Let your muscles rest.

Your health must not be the price you pay for your success or achievements.

  1. You put all your weight on one leg:

Very few people respect the ergonomics of working from home or at the office.

As a result, you would mostly find yourself leaning to the front when sitting in your desk, while putting one leg over the other.

This position may help you stay balanced only for a few moments before you start feeling your leg getting tenser and tenser.

This is because the blood vessels on your legs get tighter when you sit with crossed legs.

While this position is one of the most common, especially for women, it is also among the most dangerous to your health and back.

What is more surprising is that more people are doing it not only when they are sitting down working, but also when they are standing for too long.

As soon as they get tired, they would put all their weight on one leg to give the rest of their bodies a small “break”.

This bad habit happens unconsciously, but you would find yourself avoiding it easily when you are already wearing your back stretcher.

This simple tool promotes positive health habits.

When your body will feel well-rested and your spine is at ease, you will be less likely to get tired, slouch, or put all your weight on your leg.

  1. You point your chin out:

Do you ever wonder why it feels a little too good when you finally put yourself to rest on your bed and comfortable pillow?

How relaxed your neck suddenly feels?

While you have not felt any discomfort in that part of your body during the day.

This usually happens because your neck gets tired throughout the day.

How you might be asking ?

Well, look at how you are pointing out your chin right now and most of the day, and you will then begin to notice that this innocent move puts so much strain and pressure on your neck.

If you keep this harmful position, the next thing you will know is how much flexibility it made your body lose over time, and how little mobile it has become.

Since you would not want to go through such experience, it is crucial to maintain a healthy body posture the entire day.

  1. You hunch over the desk:

Whether it is when you are standing, sitting, on the car, or even doing groceries, you might begin to notice how your spine is becoming more arched, making you hunch even when you do not need to.

This is also a common issue that comes with pain in the neck and the back, making your body weaker as time goes by.

 If you found yourself relating to most, if not all the situations we described above, then you certainly need a high-quality body stretcher sooner than ever.

You need to take care of your body and provide it with all the comfort it needs before you start dealing with the chronic consequences your current negative habits may cause.


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