Q -  Can you wear the back stretcher pro under your clothes ?

A - We recommend only wearing over clothes since you're only supposed to wear it for an hour at a time and it would be too much of a hassle to take it off under clothes.

Under anything tight fitting we would say no, because although not bulky there is obviously some substance to it so would be really obvious. Under something loose probably, although depends on the neckline as it comes up high on the back and then across the front of your shoulder, and as it is black something like a white t-shirt would show through.

If you are going to wear it under clothes just remember to only wear it for an hour to start with - this isn't something you should rely on but rather a tool to train your posture!


Q - Do you only wear it for a few months and then have perfect posture or is this something you wear forever? If you stop, does your posture go bad again ?

A - This product will give you the habit of standing up straight and pushing your shoulders back, which leads to good posture. Though you will have to wear it for a considerably long time to get that noticeable difference.

If you've learned good posture, you should be fine without it, however you can get bad posture again if you actively sit badly and don't stand right, basically losing any progress you've made.

So depending on how well you think you stand, it's frankly up to you.


Q - Do the straps feel uncomfortable or dig into your skin?

A - They can do but it’s a gentle reminder to adjust your posture or it’s too tight.


Q - Is this suitable for an older woman?

A - We have customers aged 76 who have brought this and it has helped them a lot


Q - Is it washable? Can I wear it to work all day all week - I work at a computer all day

A - For starters, try to wear the posture corrector for only an hour or 2. You can gradually increase the amount of time as your body adapts to wearing it and sitting with the right posture. Yes, you can wash them too but we don't recommend to machine wash them.


Q - Can I use it while exercising?

A - The Back Stretcher Pro is most suitable for low impact activities where you are likely to be in a poor posture e.g. working in front of a computer, watching television or reading a book. If you need to do a wider range of movement (exercising or housework where you need to stoop or arch your back) we recommend removing the trainer.


Q - How long does it take to work ?

A - We would say that would depend on the individual, We suggest try and seek advise from a Osteopath or Chiropractor as well. We feel though with regular wearing you should feel a benefit within a few weeks , wearing it for a couple of hours a day.